Paisano's Pizzeria App

Paisano's Pizzeria App

From Offline to Online

Paisano's was established in 1982 and arrived Hong Kong in 2009. Paisano's Pizzeria introduced the 24” Pizza to Hong Kong as well as Pizza by the Slice. It remains a place for the locals to enjoy our freshly baked pizzas and pasta at local food prices.




Before this client came to us, he already ran a very successful business. What he wanted was a step forward. He wanted to bring his amazing pizza online so that customers can enjoy it across districts and time.




To outsiders, this may just mean making a website for this client. But it’s not.
When we went deep into the project details, we found that there are a lot of details to consider in order to make a great pizza online business, including reservation time, peak hour arrangement, connecting online ordering with onsite POS system, product data classification, etc.




The primary challenge comes from the POS system. Paisano’s has been using POS shop system for years, but this system is not designed to fit with other websites. Facing this challenge, we decided to write another piece of software to connect the POS system with our site, so that when a new order is placed online, the POS system needs to capture the order and signals staff to make the food.




Another major challenge comes from the ordering time. Restaurant is not like online retail shop. There are peak hours for restaurant and during these hours, food preparation time is different from normal. Thus our system has to dynamically adjust itself to fit the peak hour need of every single Paisano’s branch.




At last, we help transform our client’s business from offline to online and we hope with this website they can capture enormous opportunities in the online catering market.