ABC Move

ABC Move

Looking for some apps to learn numbers, letters and colours? ABC Move includes these features and train other skills in one app. Have a doubt on how? Just try and you will know the answer.

- the letters will be pronounced at the beginning and last
- count the moving letters in the same colour and tap on any of them
- the total amount and pronunciation of corresponding colour will be heard in English
- shake the device to set the order of letter (A-Z or Z-A or random)
- have a competition on counting and pronunciation

- animation and transition effect
- shake the device to go to setting

- train your eyesight when counting the amount of corresponding colour
- train the ability to memorise and count
- learn the English pronunciation of numbers, alphabet and colours
- transition effect makes the app interesting and challenging to stay with

Get your eyeballs moving and chasing the letters. One..Two..Three..Four……You may be able to finish reading a book rapidly after playing this interesting game!

ABC Move ABC Move ABC Move