ABC Vocabulary Game

ABC Vocabulary Game

We are alphabetic letters of different vocabularies and looking for someone, who need something exciting to refresh their brain, to play Hide and Seek with us! The letters of a specific vocabulary are hiding vertically, horizontally or diagonally with their friends around to distract you. See how many vocabularies can you find within 1 minute!

1. Listen to the pronunciation or see the object at the top
2. Tap on the letters of the particular vocabulary (the object) in sequence vertically, horizontally or diagonally
3. Collect as many badges (vocabularies) as possible within 60 seconds
4. You can find all the badges and spelling of the object under “Collection”

Even a letter is same as another one, we are in different skin colours because of different races. The difficulty of the game will then be increased together with our ways of appearance, BUT you will find the best way to locate all of he vocabularies, if you are clever enough.

ABC Vocabulary Game ABC Vocabulary Game ABC Vocabulary Game