Digital Marketing

Facebook Management - CCAV

Since our client aims to provide different types of new products to their customers which can enhance the enjoyment of life and make life more fun. Let's see what can we do to create an image of a nice helper and friend for their customers.

Facebook Management - Paisano's Pizzeria

As our client is a catering company, it is certain that we will promote their food and beverages through the social platform. Except this, let's see what can we do for them to increase its exposure through different social platform.

Po Leung Kuk Affiliated Kindergartens

Po Leung Kuk all 24 kindergartens under the supervision of Education Affairs Department have participated in the Free Quality Kindergarten Education Scheme of the Education Bureau. They provide both half-day and/or whole-day services for children from two years eight months old through to six years of age. In addition, Vicwood Chong Kee Ting Nursery started its operation in 1 March 2011, providing half-day education and care service to children from the age of two to three.

Facebook Ad and Post Management

Your campaign can reach the target market for a fairly affordable price and allow you to reach as many users as your budget allows. We provides copywriting and image creation for post management, ideas and suggestion on promotion campaigns.

Google Ad and Search Engine Marketing

Google display network can be featured on mobile apps, specific websites or behaviour of auidences. The cost of Google display network is very cost effective, you can enjoy about 1,000,000 exposure with HK$5,000. Google Search Engine Marketing (SEM) can immediately increase website traffic and tracking potential audience.