Digital Marketing

One-stop online advertising solution is here to promote your business, brands, products and messages. Copywriting, Advertising Graphics Design and Multi Channels Broadcasting are realised by YSD teams. Your advertising will be spread around Google Search, Yahoo Search, Youtube, Linkedin, Facebook, Websites and Apps.

Google Ads
CUHK Hospital

GDN campaign for 4 weeks. Aim for conversions, 2 ad groups were created to acquire audience awareness and target audience who are health-concious.

CUHK Medical Centre

Google Keyword Ad

Po Leung Kuk Affiliated Kindergartens 2020

Google & Yahoo Banner Ad | Graphic Design

HKUGA College

Google Banner Ad | Yahoo Native Ad | Facebook Ad | Edu Kingdom

MZK Life

Google Shopping and Keyword Ad | Yahoo Banner Ad | Facebook & Instagram Ad | SEO

CUHK Medical Clinic

Google Keyword Ad | Yahoo Banner Ad | Facebook Ad

Chartered Insurance Institute

Google Banner Ad | Google Keyword Ad | Yahoo Native Ad | Yahoo Keyword Ad | Facebook Ad | Linkedin Ad | Press Release Distribution in Mainland, China


Facebook Post | Facebook Management | Google Banner Ad | Logo Design

Web Design

Tarsier Botanika

Google Keyword Ad | Google Banner Ad

E&V Jewellery

Google Banner Ad

Po Leung Kuk Affiliated Kindergartens

Google Banner Ad | Graphic Design