Graphic Design

Excellent graphic design is deep in meaning, planted with vision, culture or history. Moreover, it inspires people, making them to think more and deeper. Over the years, we have provided professional tailor-made graphic design service to corporates across different industries, visualising corporate images of clients and their messages to market. The graphics design are widely applied on brochures, product catalogues, leaflets, advertising boards, packagings, websites and so on.

HAESL SD Report 2021

The HAESL Sustainable Development Report is compiled in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), Core Option framework. The report discloses HAESL’s commitment in sustainable development including strategies, targets, management approaches and our environmental performance. The material topics reported in this report are in accordance with GRI topic-specific disclosures and defined through a materiality assessment and stakeholder engagement processes. Details are provided in the section “Our Approach to Sustainable Development”.

HAECO SD Report 2021

HAECO Group’s SD2030 Sustainable Development Strategy sets out a 10-year roadmap for the sustainable development of our businesses as we continue our journey towards a thriving future.

Canon CSR Report 2021

Canon’s corporate philosophy is kyosei, which means ‘to live and work together for the common good’. This is what Canon does every day with its corporate activities. We understand that our business is supported by the development of society as a whole.


HTML5 flipping book for brochure.