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Association / Education
The Hong Kong Catholic Marriage Advisory Council - Family Mediation Learning Room

"Family Mediation Learning Room" is a learning platform that hopes to provide divorced parents with issues that need to be considered and dealt with in all aspects involved in the divorce process, and to provide comprehensive, considerate, professional and practical advice and information.


G-NiiB GenieBiome is a biotechnology company founded by world-renowned clinician-scientists and supported by a multidisciplinary team of experts in microbiology, metagenomics, bioinformatics, disease biomarkers, food technology, clinical trials, IP development and commercialization.

Union Hospital - LMS

This E-learning platform provides useful resources for practicing nurses to acquire relevant knowledge, as well as aims for promoting their career development and facilitating nursing care for patients with the latest and highest standards.


The Asian Business Studies (ABS) Programme is the first programme in Asia specifically fashioned to develop global leaders with uniquely Asian insights.

The Hong Kong Society of Rheumatology

The Hong Kong Society of Rheumatology (HKSR) celebrates its 33rd anniversary in 2021. Founded in 1988, it has grown into a society with a membership of 286 in 2021. Members include rheumatologists, family physicians, private practitioners, specialty nurses and allied health care professionals.

Heep Hong Society 60th

Established in 1963, Heep Hong Society is a leading education and rehabilitation organisation offering professional assessment, guidance, training and family support services. We are committed to helping children and young people of different abilities maximise their full potential, empower families and contribute to an inclusive society.


The data-driven era creates strong interests and needs of analyzing, storing, distributing, and sharing massive amounts of data using sophisticated data analytics and machine learning algorithms and methodologies, with applications in multiple disciplines including science, social science, finance, public health, medicine, engineering, and telecommunications. Huge job demand of data analysts in both local and global employment markets has been witnessed.

HKU Summer Institute

Established in 2015, the HKU Summer Institute (HKUSI) provides learning opportunities for secondary, undergraduate and postgraduate students from around the world. Our programmes are uniquely designed to enable students to explore their academic interests and career pathways while enjoying the summer experience of a lifetime at HKU.

CUHK - University Safety Office

At CUHK, high standards of occupational safety and health are integral management objectives on a par with excellence in teaching and research. CUHK recognizes that the benefits to be gained from successful occupational safety and health programmes are great, both in human and monetary terms. CUHK is devoted to cultivating a positive safety culture through the concerted efforts of all Departments/Units.


Our 135th anniversary is an opportunity to reflect on our successes and map the path ahead. In an auspicious start to the celebrations, Clarivate Analytics recently announced that 17 HKUMed scholars had been included on its list of the world’s most highly-cited researchers, a record high for the Faculty.

Education Bureau - Virtual Information Expo 2022

The Education Bureau (EDB) holds the Virtual Information Expo on Multiple Pathways 2022 (Virtual Info Expo). The Virtual Info Expo will, through a one-stop online platform, provide the latest information as well as studies and career guidance on various articulation opportunities for secondary school graduates to make good preparation and planning for further studies and career progression.


The Bachelor of Business Administration (Integrated BBA Programme) and Juris Doctor Double Degree Programme (“BBA-JD”)

HKUMed Undergraduate Admissions

Each year, HKUMed admit almost 640 students across seven programmes, which include the MBBS, BNurs, BChinMed, BPharm, BBiomedSc, BASc(GHD) and BSc(Bioinformatics), and our student body is one of the largest for a single Faculty, totalling more than 4,850 people.

HKU Med LKS Faculty of Medicine Clinical Trials Centre

Investigator-initiated clinical studies (IISs) play an important role in translating medical discoveries and hypotheses into clinical practice and bringing important value to advancement of human healthcare.

CUHK - Department of Psychiatry

The Department of Psychiatry is a research-intensive hub that train psychiatrists and mental health professionals in applying the latest scientific advances in neuroscience, diagnostic methods and therapeutic interventions to treat patients in a holitic manner.

Hong Kong Curling Association

The sport of curling was little known in Hong Kong before the 2014 Winter Olympics. But, the shouting of the skip and the impact sound of the stones stirred curiosity, sowing the seeds for curling development in Hong Kong. In February 2014, the Hong Kong Curling Association (HKCurling) was established.

Education Bureau - Virtual Mainland Higher Education Expo 2022/23

The Virtual Mainland Higher Education Expo 2022/23, jointly organised by the Ministry of Education and the Education Bureau (EDB), will be held via an online platform from December 4 to 10. The Expo will provide students aspiring to pursue further studies on the Mainland and their parents with information on the arrangements of the Scheme for Admission of Hong Kong Students to Mainland Higher Education Institutions (Admission Scheme) for the academic year as well as on students' progression of study.

The Hong Kong Federation of Electrical and Mechanical Contractors Limited (HKFEMC)

The Federation is a non-profit making body jointly formed by six electrical and mechanical trade associations in Hong Kong.


Kids4Kids envisions a future where all young people are empowered to be changemakers with the belief that they are never too young to change the world.


G-NiiB is a biotechnology company specializing in the human microbiome .

Hong Kong Applied Science and Technology Research Institute Company Limited (ASTRI)

Hong Kong Applied Science and Technology Research Institute Company Limited (ASTRI) was set up by the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region in 2000 with the mission of enhancing Hong Kong’s competitiveness in technology-based industries through applied research.

Wong See Sum Primary School

Education Learning Platform-Writing Library


Platform for Language Teacher Education (PLaTE) was founded in 2007, with the aims to provide an online academic and professional support to Chinese and English Language Education students, graduates and teaching professionals.

The International Digestive Disease Forum (IDDF) 2022 - Institute of Digestive Disease, CUHK

The International Digestive Disease Forum (IDDF) is essentially a platform for gastroenterologists, hepatologists, endoscopists and related professionals to learn, exchange and connect. Attendees from young investigators to world-class experts congregate here to discuss ideas, showcase research, update knowledge of the latest trends and expand professional network.

CUHK - Information Engineering

Established in 1989, the Department of Information Engineering was the first and is still the only Information Engineering Department in Hong Kong. It has gained a worldwide reputation for its leading edge research and top quality programmes. Out of its current 20 regular faculty members, 6 are IEEE Fellows and 2 are IEE Fellows

CII - The Chartered Insurance Institute

The Chartered Insurance Institute is a professional body dedicated to insurance and financial planning education. They offer professional insurance and financial courses to all levels of professionals to satisfy their ever-growing need for the newest industry knowledge, and help them acquire globally recognized certificates and professional titles.


Provide a place for learning from games, so that children aged 3-12 can explore the possibilities and find themselves in the process of the game.

Sino Inno Lab

Dedicated to supporting innovation and technology, Sino Group has established Sino Inno Lab to provide a sandbox platform to support start-ups, inventors and technology companies from Hong Kong and overseas to develop PropTech solutions.

The Hong Kong Electrical & Mechanical Contractors' Association (HKEMCA)

The Hong Kong Electrical & Mechanical Contractors' Association (HKEMCA)
has been playing a leading role in the electrical & mechanical contracting sector to deal with all major issues with the Government and all stakeholders.

The Hong Kong Innovation Foundation (HKIF)

The Hong Kong Innovation Foundation (HKIF) is a non-profit organisation founded by Sino Group in March 2018.

Arts Plus

Our values at A+ is to provide a stimulating learning environment where children are inspired to learn. Through interactive and play-based activities; we dedicate ourselves in fostering children’s intellectual, emotional, social and artistic development through fun, educational, play-based activities. Our children deserve many opportunities to experiment, explore, learn, observe, play and grow.

Master of Geoinformation Science, CUHK

Master of Geoinformation Science was established in 2004 by The Chinese University of Hong Kong (2018 ranking 46th). It jointly offered by Department of Geography & Resource Management and Institute of Space and Earth Information Science.

HKU Smarter

SMARTER@HKU is a programme that The University of Hong Kong launched in 2017 to modernise professional services and develop leadership to achieve the University's vision to become Asia's Global University by 2025.

OUHK - Go Further

Young, dynamic and innovative, the Open University of Hong Kong (OUHK) is committed to preparing students for a fulfilling life and career through our professional and versatile curriculum as well as helping students develop core values of fairness, integrity, perseverance and innovation.

CUHK Graduate School | Postgraduate Admissions

The CUHK Graduate School was founded in 1966. Our current enrolment of postgraduate students exceeds 12,000 and includes non-local students coming from nearly 50 countries around the world. In the 2018-19 academic year, the Graduate School offers through 58 Graduate Divisions over 260 programmes leading to higher degrees, postgraduate diplomas and certificates.

Integrative Medicine Clinical Evidence Portal

The Integrative Medicine Clinical Evidence Portal addresses the gap between evidence and action, with an aim to disseminate best available evidence on various Integrative Medicine approach in a user-friendly format. It is comprised of critically appraised synopses of randomized trials and systematic reviews on Integrative Medicine, as well as online training materials on evidence-based healthcare principles and clinical research methodology.

CUHK-University of Melbourne Academy for Young Leaders

The Academy for Young Leaders is The Chinese University of Hong Kong and the University of Melbourne’s joint effort to provide young clinical scientists the skills required to pursue an academic career. This 2-day intensive, practical and interactive programme will take place in Hong Kong this year.

Postgraduate Studies at CU Medicine

Join us in exploring new frontiers of medicine for the benefit of humankind. If you would like to pursue world-class medical research in a supportive, nurturing environment, consider all the advantages that a postgraduate programme at CU Medicine offers you.

Integrative Medical Centre, Faculty of Medicine, CUHK

Integrative Medical Centre is the medical centre under the Institute of integrative Medical Research in CUHK. Apart from devoting efforts to integrative medical research, educational training and supply of high-quality medical services, it is also the first clinic that operated by both traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine professors in Hong Kong.

Master of Science in Gastroenterology, Institute of Digestive Disease, CUHK

The Master of Science in Gastroenterology--Asia's first and only premier postgraduate programme in gastroenterology, is designed to address those growing career demands.

Asian Business Studies | CUHK Business School

Asian Business Studies (ABS) aims at cultivating well-educated Asia-adept business professionals with global perspectives by affording students an international and intercultural exposure to Asia regional focused business knowledge and practices in three of the most important and dynamic economies in Asia – China, Japan and Hong Kong.

The Hong Kong Certification Centre (HKCC)

HKCC offers one-stop product certification service and helps promote product safety to the general public. The Hong Kong Certification Centre (HKCC) (formerly known as The Hong Kong Safety Institute - HKSI) was established in 1998 as a product certification body in Hong Kong. Through its' one-stop product certification service, clients are able to obtain their products recognition one at a time in local and overseas by saving time and cost.

Winfat Holdings Limited

Winfat Holdings Limited, headquartered in Hong Kong, was incorporated in 1988. The group mainly engages in electronic educational toys business and development of state-of-the-art technology for solar industry. By joining hands with world class customers which have been working closely for long, we continuously develop innovative and value-for-money educational products for the next generations and the future.

CUHK Graduate School

The Graduate School was formally founded to undertake the research training of postgraduate studies in five Master's degree programmes: Chinese Language and Literature, Business Administration, Geography, History and Philosophy. Since then, the Graduate School has developed both horizontally and vertically by advancing into the realm of doctoral education.

Hong Kong Saxophone Association

Hong Kong Saxophone Association is the first professional musical organisation for saxophone in Hong Kong and a registered society licensed by Hong Kong government. It was founded by a group of musicians in jazz, impresarios and conductors, and has hammered at promoting local saxophones and jazz in the last ten years.

The Taxation Institute Of Hong Kong

The Institute was incorporated as a company limited by guarantee on 29th September 1972 by a group of professionals with the major objectives of promoting the study of taxation, using as a venue for the exchange of taxation knowledge as well as to enhance the standard of tax professionals. Initially 34 members subscribed to the Memorandum and Articles of Association; and at present the Institute has more than 2700 members.

Po Leung Kuk Camões Tan Siu Lin Primary School

Developing children's potential to the fullest is an overriding aim of our school.

Education is about nurturing the whole child - our school embraces development of the child in the moral, intellectual, physical, social and aesthetic spheres.

Our school is committed to providing a caring, harmonious and stimulating environment where children are joyful and secure enough to be able to work to the best of their ability.