G-NiiB is a biotechnology company specializing in the human microbiome . Founded by clinician-scientists who are world-renowned for their research in the microbiome and digestive diseases,  our company comprised of seasoned executives and a team with clinical research, bioinformatics, oncology biomarkers, food technology, biochemistry, patent, and commercialization expertise.


For more than 10 years, the microbiome research team have been pioneering and revolutionizing the use of microbiome to potentially treat a myriad of diseases such as colorectal cancer, obesity, eczema, autism, and other metabolic or childhood diseases. The founders are the inventors of innovative microbiome based products. They have the priorities to exclusively license the inventions in CUHK and Microbiome Research and Innovation Center (MagIC) to G-NiiB.


"Our precision portfolio of G-NiiB includes diagnostic and risk prediction tests, fortified food, next-generation probiotics, and precision health food and medicine tailored for the Asian population. G-NiiB immunity formula developed from the first global Covid-19 microbiome research findings, and the first in the world microbiome based non-invasive colorectal cancer diagnostic are ready to serve the Asian Chinese population now."
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