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Focus on website design for 20 years Chosen by listed companies, universities and higher education institutions, architects, interior designers, fashion designer, e-commerce platforms, property valuation, investment and finance clients, non-profit organizations, industry, information technology clients, jewelry and luxury goods clients, garment manufacturers, medical groups.


EXOST is a unique, modern, stylish & technological brand, specializing on electronic toy cars to kids.


This client is a new toy importing start-up. Unlike other importers who values more about business, our client wants to promote toys that help our children explore, learn and grow.

Taikoo Sugar

With 18 years of experience in the web design field, we are trusted by our clients to maintain their sites. And the following site from Taikoo Sugar is one of our great references.


Max Group was founded as a trading company in 1994.

Lucky Zone Development Ltd.

Lucky Zone Development Ltd. (set. 1990) is a renowned corporation paving for high quality sleepwear and casual wear manufactured in China and Bangladesh. It carries out efficient massive production and delivers product on timely basis to clients, be them large or small, with highly competitive pricing.

Shanghai Bao Shun Chang International Trading Co., Ltd.

Founded in 1993 as a joint venture with Bao Steel, Shanghai Bao Shun Chang International Trading Co., Ltd. ("BSC") is now an indirect wholly owned subsidiary of Hong Kong Shanghai Alliance Holdings Limited.

Advance Denim Limited

Advance Denim strive to become the best denim mill in the world. They are passionate about helping business through innovative products and Technologies.

KPM Company Limited

KPM has over 10 years of experience in manufacturing various kinds of precision products, having manufactured some of the most demanding and trying products and parts across industries such as optical components, medical, dental and watch components, computer hard disks, automotive...

KFE Hong Kong Co., Ltd.

KFE Hong Kong is a specialized trading company of Printed Circuit Board. KFE provides the best solution for quality, stable supply, cost, environment base on our experience of PCB business.

Lotus Pack (UK) Ltd.

Lotus Pack (UK) Ltd., a subsidiary company of TAW Holdings Ltd., is an Earth-hugging company that designs, manufactures and supplies high quality food vessels made with environmental friendly resources.

Honest Paper Products Company

Honest Paper Products Company is a Hong Kong-based printing company and manufacturer with a factory conveniently located in nearby Shenzhen. Over the past 15 years Honest Paper Products has built up and an enviable reputation for producing high quality printed paper products as well as photo frames, books, labels, paper bags, handmade box and packaging items, etc.

Astoni Far East Limited

Astoni offers high quality Swiss fashion at most competitive prices resulting from productions solely within Asia.

Main Plan Limited

Founded in 1992, Main Plan Limited is specializing in the innovative designs & sophisticated production of high quality brass faucets and bathroom accessories. As a vanguard in the industry, we have dedicated great efforts in the designs of creative products.

Hong Kong Shanghai Alliance Holdings Limited

Hong Kong Shanghai Alliance Holdings Limited (formerly known as Van Shung Chong Holdings Limited) is listed on The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited under stock code 1001. We were founded in 1961 as a trader of reinforcement steel to serve Hong Kong’s construction and manufacturing needs. Over time, we diversified to include structural long products, couplers and plate and grew to become one of the regions' leading distributors of steel products. We have developed long-term relationships with Hong Kong contractors and developers as well as steel makers in the region and the world.


MayTak Rubber Factory Ltd. was established in the early 1980s. They have established themselves as one of the most trustworthy suppliers in the kitchenware industry.


For over 30 years, Silverlit has created great toys for children around the World – toys that are fun, innovative and safe. We know this because we not only dream up and design great toys – we actually make them too.

Gainbase Industrial Limited

With more than 25 years of experience, Gainbase will sustain our vision by constantly seeking of improvement via continuous education and application of new technologies.

Yick Shun

Our vision is to develop innovative electronic plastic toys to enrich children development through fun and education.

Dim International Ltd.

Dim International., a Hong Kong based company with its factory plant in China, has been designing and manufacturing consumer products for over ten years.

Flying Dragon Development Limited

Flying Dragon Development Limited, is one of the world's leading lighting products manufacturers. We produce over 3.6 million units of premium products for our customers every year, and distribute worldwide to over 65 countries and territories, including; Europe, the Asia-Pacific, the Americas, the Middle East and Africa.

Shahid Textiles Limited

Shahid Textiles Limited is headquartered in Hong Kong. All marketing and documentation is handled under the direct supervision of Mr. Mohammad Shahid. Our branch offices in Pakistan and India have teams of qualified inspectors looking after all aspects of quality and shipping.

Aoki Laboratories Ltd.

Founded in 1994, Aoki Laboratories Ltd. is a solder alloy manufacturer and a distributor of the high purity soldering accessories and related soldering & cleaning chemicals.


Playmore, a worldwide leader in custom technical apparel, was founded in 2005 and has quickly earned the reputation as a company offering the finest quality handmade garments for a wide range of sports and activities.