TriStar Kitchen Channel

The first canteen of the Tristar Taiwanese Food Canteen opened in 2016 and now has three branches. Our store adheres to the original taste of Taiwan and connects with local creations in Hong Kong. It has been optimized for four years, and is committed to conveying the taste of home and the care of love to customers. Since its opening, the price list has been maintained by the civilian population, and the conscientious delicacy has been operated with heart to fight the epidemic. It insists on using the most basic ingredients without adding MSG, and cooking with heart to take care of the taste buds and health needs of customers.

The Tristar Taiwanese food canteen, which has always been loyal to food and daring to change, rushed out of the restaurant, opened an online Tristar kitchen, and launched new masterpieces. You can buy three-star gourmet food here. It is simple and convenient, so that busy Hong Kong people can sit at home and enjoy it easily. Home-style taste.

TriStar Kitchen Channel TriStar Kitchen Channel TriStar Kitchen Channel TriStar Kitchen Channel