Master of Geoinformation Science, CUHK

Master of Geoinformation Science was established in 2004 by The Chinese University of Hong Kong (2018 ranking 46th). It jointly offered by Department of Geography & Resource Management and Institute of Space and Earth Information Science. 

Geoinformation Science is an inter-disciplinary field that involves earth science, information science, and system science. Its focuses are the information of the atmosphere, hydrosphere, lithosphere and biosphere and more specifically their formation, changes and interrelations.

Well, Geoinformation Science is quite hard to understand. But never mind, that is its character.


We extract the keywords ‘earth’ ‘science’ ‘hard to understand’ to think about the theme of the website.
Finally, we choose the space as the theme. 


Technology giant Apple loves to use the space for content creations.
As a result, the space stands for technology on people minds. 


Besides technology, we want to add some humanity into the website.
So, in the part of TEACHER & SUPPORTING STAFF, we draw the people instead of publishing their photos. It takes much time. But it makes the website mixing with feelings of technology and art, providing an unusual experience. 



Nowadays, growing numbers of websites are hacked. Security is getting important.
For promotion online, Google SEO is important.
To enhance security and facilitate SEO performance, we spend much more time than usual to engineer this website.

The website of Geoinformation Science takes long time to develop. However, the high security and speed, with integration of technology and art feeling, make all worth to it.

Master of Geoinformation Science, CUHK Master of Geoinformation Science, CUHK Master of Geoinformation Science, CUHK