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Focus on website design for over 20 years Chosen by listed companies, universities and higher education institutions, architects, interior designers, fashion designer, e-commerce platforms, property valuation, investment and finance clients, non-profit organizations, industry, information technology clients, jewelry and luxury goods clients, garment manufacturers, medical groups.

Architects / Interior Design
Epic Interior Design Limited

Epic Interior design ltd. is an award-winning design studio founded in 2019. We offer a wide range of services from interior design to space planning. Our company was created with the goal of providing quality design that is both beautiful and functional.


The founders of Designpedia founded the company after seeing how challenging it was to locate a reliable interior design company for their makeover. Since then, we have assisted more than 3,800 Hong Kong homeowners in renovating their dream homes, where they may unwind, make memories, or even begin new chapters in their lives.

Alpine Interiors Limited

Alpine is a creative collaborative and forward- looking construction practice with vision of future. Prior to founding the practice the partners accumulated a wealth of experience over the past 30 years with local fitting-out works serving major property developers.

SOC. Creative Ltd.

SOC. Creative 希望透過創意與專業,為社區創造出與人、空間、環境之間的新連結。我們相信每個空間都有其獨特的故事,由社區到住宅,由品牌到商業,透過我們對室內設計的美感觸覺及靈活空間的詮譯,為使用者帶來耳目一新的全新體驗。

A&A Building Materials Supplier

The first marble factory in Hong Kong was established in 1947 by Mr. Cheung Kam Sou.In 1938, Mr. Cheung was in Shanghai and being recruited as technical instructor for the marble project of the old Hong Kong Bank Building.

Architecture:Innovativ Limited

ARCHITECTURE:INNOVATIV is a collective of individuals who share common interests and passion in architecture, design, technology, research, and innovation. Found in 2008 by Dennis Lee [the Architect] and Terry Ng [the Engineer], A:I brings together creativity and technical know-how, and a vision to maximize every project’s potentials to bring tangible and longlasting values to our clients.

Moi Home Collection Ltd.

Established by a team of interior design specialists and furniture artisans, we strive to create top quality and timeless furniture collection that enrich the life sensation to the fullest.

MOI Limited

MOI was established in year 2002 with the view of bringing refined interior design to the residential and commercial market places.


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Webber & Nickel (Int’l) Co., Ltd.

The “WEBBER” meaning of Worldwide Excellent Business, our Brilliance is Everlasting as our Responsibility to society.

DEEM Interior Design & Engineering Company Limited

DEEM is an Interior Design company for working, learning and living. Our interior design, site management and construction services aim to provide the Well-Being to everyone.

Good Living Design & Decoration Co.

Good Living design based on three core ideas: our passion in innovation motivates us to produce stunning and high individuation works; we pursue the concept of “simple but elegant” through practicing modern simplicity and architectural design with aesthetic breakthroughs; by promoting the principle of “form follows function,” we create spacious and emotionally evoking environments while being meticulous in every details.

Projexasia Limited

Projexasia is a client-focused Main Contracting and Construction Management company also providing Project Management and Management Contracting services.

San Marino

San Marino takes care of everything, so you have more time to spend on better things!

KIRA Design Ltd

KIRA Design Ltd is recognized as a full-service interior fit-out company with our own construction company Times Creative Construction Ltd which specializing in interiors, architecture, contracting works, home furnishing and lighting products. Our dedicated in-house design and project teams have a wealth of experience and knowledge in working for the high-end luxury residential and commercial projects of main property developers in Hong Kong & China and private residences of celebrities.

Icon Interior Design Limited

Icon Interior Design Limited is formerly known as Icon Interior Design and Decoration (Hong Kong) Company. It is a professional design team lead by our director Tony Cheng, with expertise in space planning and interior design.

Interdeco Design Limited

Equipped with a talented team committed to providing top notch designs and decoration solution services to their clients.

Leigh Chiu Designs

With offices now in Austin, Texas and Hong Kong, Leigh Chiu™ more than two decades as an interior decorator and designer spanning New York and Hong Kong and many places in between, she has become a trusted advisor and procurement specialist to discerning families in home decor and comfort, and for corporations in functionality and elegance.

AB Concept

In the two decades since Ed Ng and Terence Ngan founded AB Concept in Hong Kong, the duo has built their practice into an international luxury design powerhouse.

ED Design Limited

The making of EDD website is a story about being simple but also bold.

BCD International Design Limited

From its Hong Kong-base, BCD has produced a portfolio with breadth and depth from bespoke luxury residential interiors to master plans for world heritage sites to award-winning institutional work. Applying experience to such practical considerations such as knowing when to spend and when to save with a commitment to craftsmanship are explored with every client opportunity.


In 1996, Ricky Wong Designers (RWD) was founded by Mr. Huang Zhida, is an internationally renowned interior design company. Headquartered in Hong Kong, in Shenzhen, Xi'an, Beijing have set up a branch. The design team is composed of international elite designers, providing professional and high quality design services for customers around the world. The design areas include high-end residential, hardcover standard, hotel, clubhouse, business center, etc., and provide professional service to customers Cutting-edge design, with artistic means to create the infinite possibilities of space.

Alanna Yamu

Original Blue Island Villas is a joint venture development company created by Original Vision, The Blue Acre and a few like minded investors, with the goal of developing high quality homes and apartments in Phuket. They pride themselves in their uncompromising approach to design and their dedication to produce the highest achievable quality in the finished products.

First Join Development Limited

First Join Development Limited undertook its first major development project in the mid-1980’s. Greenwood Villa, located in Sai Kung’s Muk Min Shan, was the first major country house development.

Moty's Design Ltd.

As an interior design consultant company, Moty's Design Ltd is reflecting strongly on our personality in design and service. Each of our concept design brings distinct idea to mind "A unique look and feel".

PAL Design Consultants Ltd

PAL DESIGN is an award winning interior design consultant established in 1994 by Patrick Leung. Offering complete professional design services for all categories of large-scale interiors projects. The design emphasizes on subtle, restful and timeless style. Nowadays, P A L owns over 100 elite employees distributed 4 branch offices in Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen. P A L has won more than 100 international awards. In 2007, the most outstanding one is IFI Grand Prize Design Award at 2007 honour to the project as the World Best Interior Design. In 2015, P A L Design and Joey Ho Design merged to become one of the biggest interior consultant firms in Greater China. Joey Ho serves as Design Partner. Consistent with P A L’s mission and vision, they celebrated the extraordinary milestone for P A L’s 21st Anniversary. Their portfolio now includes the best of both firms.

Welcome Construction Company Limited

Welcome Construction Company Limited – a name you feel increasingly familiar with, your caring neighbors, and an innovative and pragmatic construction company.

Wing On Engineering and Flooring Limited

Wing On Engineering has been established since 1987. We provide flooring works, marketing and sales of laminate floor and woodern floor coverings, import and export. Our flooring of European brand is an attractive floor that gives your room a warm and pleasant atmosphere. They are suituble for both households and commercial use. All enquiries from companies are also welcomed.