Web Design

Focus on website design for over 20 years Chosen by listed companies, universities and higher education institutions, architects, interior designers, fashion designer, e-commerce platforms, property valuation, investment and finance clients, non-profit organizations, industry, information technology clients, jewelry and luxury goods clients, garment manufacturers, medical groups.

Pom Pom Lifestyle Supermarket

Pom Pom Life Supermarket is an online life supermarket that sells high-quality daily necessities, food, daily care, skin beautification and cosmetics and other products.


The CABLE Shop one-stop online shopping platform collects different popular products for everyone, and provides shopping discounts on a regular basis. From now on, the quality of life can be Level Up with one click!

Artory Diamonds

Oftentimes it’s the small things, like the moments Artory share with others, that move Artory beyond measure. The team at Artory takes pride in celebrating each and every milestone with the people who enrich all of Artory lives.

Primal Cut

Primal Cut 為你搜羅世界各地

Leisure PLUS HK

Established in 1997, we specialize in providing architectural products and design solutions for architects and designers, including washroom and kitchen for offices, businesses, hotel, hospital, residences, airports, etc.

ARTE Madrid

ARTE is Spanish for "art", a sensuous interpretation of the way in which people express their ideas, feelings and novelty. In a quest for pure aesthetic of Spain, each creation from ARTE Madrid is an extensive heritage of thriving mix of craftsmanship, creativity and colour.


有得揀!首創網上散裝口罩自選商店! OOVED創造「選擇」,從微不足道嘅選擇權中,玩轉每個細微款式,為你每天帶來不重樣的配搭,希望你透過看到不一樣的自己,心情轉變,帶著一份喜悅過每一天。

Pavo Florals

Personalize every gift by adding their initials, name or even a special slogan! (Each product has it's customizable feature).


Search and purchase all kinds of beauty products, household and personal products for you

Legend Master Technology Limited

Legend Master Technology Limited was incorporated in 2001, is one of the well-known medical consumables and medical device distributors in Hong Kong.

Bee Cheng Hiang

Bee Cheng Hiang takes its root in Singapore in 1933, and nowaday have more than 370 branches over the world. The brand adheres to the principle of customer first with more than 80 years of commitment, to provide customers with the best products, let them share with their loved ones, and enabling them to experience pleasant moments in their lives.

TriStar Kitchen Channel

The Tristar Taiwanese food canteen, which has always been loyal to food and daring to change, rushed out of the restaurant, opened an online Tristar kitchen, and launched new masterpieces. You can buy three-star gourmet food here. It is simple and convenient, so that busy Hong Kong people can sit at home and enjoy it easily. Home-style taste.

0/3 baby collection

A newborn baby will bring joy and excitement to the family. Also, there will be a lot of changes. “0/3 baby collection makes the difference”, promises to provide the best products and service to the parents.

Lightify Limited

Lightify is formed by a group of designers, who are hereby to express and launch their designs to illustrate their ideas through our platform.

Powder Pharmaceuticals (HK) Co., Ltd.

Powder Pharmaceuticals (HK) Co., Ltd ("HK Powder") is located at Hong Kong Science Park, it operates a cleanroom with an area of approximately 1,700 square feet which meets the ISO-8 class 100,000 requirements.

MZK Life Store

花研草說(MZK Life)始於2012年,設有全天然仿野生種植園種植優質石斛;並以自家種植的抗氧化仙花─石斛花,與多種純天然的優質原料調配出一系列茶療飲品,希望以最天然的方法幫助潤膚美顏、延緩衰老、改善「三高」並增強抵抗力。



Maker of superior dive watches. Andersmann focuses on quality, classic and minimalistic design dive watches.

AwesomePlus Shop

AwesomePlus is an integrated message app with multiple fun interactive platforms. Curious about hot games, cool songs, breaking news and trending design? With just a single swipe, you can discover all these in AwesomePlus.


We are a company with over 50 years history, located in Hong Kong in the Asia Pacific region with expert experience in the turf maintenance for generations.