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Focus on website design for over 20 years Chosen by listed companies, universities and higher education institutions, architects, interior designers, fashion designer, e-commerce platforms, property valuation, investment and finance clients, non-profit organizations, industry, information technology clients, jewelry and luxury goods clients, garment manufacturers, medical groups.

Beauty / Cosmetics
Pom Pom Lifestyle Supermarket

Pom Pom Life Supermarket is an online life supermarket that sells high-quality daily necessities, food, daily care, skin beautification and cosmetics and other products.

Kose - Pore Smooth Primer

Refine pore unevenness and shape smooth skin with inconspicuous pores. A refreshing and smooth surface makeup primer.





Kose - Sekkisei

Sekkisei's attitude of absorbing the beauty of the earth and nature, constantly innovating, and bringing the beauty of nature back to the earth, will continue to innovate for women in the world.

Kose - Esprique


Kose - Infinity
Kose - Nailholic

NAIL HOLIC 可以滿足一眾指甲油控且讓人盡情享受豐富色彩、質感與彩繪樂趣的美甲品牌。

Kose - One by Kose


PC Image

P.C. Image Consulting was founded in Hong Kong in 2003 to provide professional image, etiquette and communications services and training.


PESCA’s concept is to offer quality, effective, natural and organic skincare products yet at affordable prices.


Max Group was founded as a trading company in 1994.

Canmake 中國官方網站

Canmake Tokyo 一直高踞日本藥妝連鎖店、百貨公司的人氣產品之列,近年廣為人所熟悉的當紅產品,包括:Glow Fleur Cheeks花漾瑰麗胭脂、Perfect Stylist Eyes 魅色星璨眼影、Powder Cheeks PW38紅豆沙色調的胭脂粉,一度於市場掀起搶購熱潮,品牌每年推出新產品及新色系高達80多款,希望致力為女生打造一個予人玩樂系的可愛美妝風格。

Union Beauty Group website

Established in 1978, Union Beauty Group (UBG) has become one of the most successful brands and spa management group in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

UBG focus to bring premium international fragrance and beauty brands to our markets. We are currently managing 28 brands.

JILL STUART Crystal Bloom

Like a field of flowers flourishing in the light of the sunset,
the most shiny and sparkly, gorgeous fragrance in the world.

CNP Laboratory Hong Kong

CNP, as the Korean medical beauty expert, was founded in 1996. The CNP Laboratory that co-founded by the expert in dermatology - Dr. Lee and 2 Korean authorities on dermatology, was propped up by a professional team of 50 top experts in dermatology. After all the clinical trials and research and development, they have finally created this Korean professional medical beauty brand, with the tenet of ‘cosmetic product that has splendid and gentle effect on skin’.


Sekkisei was established in 1985 and dedicated to create perfect skin that looks like snow - glittering and bright. An innovative coloured-glass bottle was published at that time , referring to the Han’s medicine bottle among Sino-Japanese plants. Unwittingly, it has been the 25th anniversary since the emergence of Sekkisei; except the love from females in Japan, 'the country of whitening’, other supporters would also pass it on to their beloved daughters.